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To the Studio!

So, we’re about to start the process of recording our first CD! We’ve got time booked at Winding Road Studios in Wyandotte, MI. A few of us have worked with Steve, the sound engineer and can honestly say we think he’s a #@$!@#$ wizard. We’re excited about producing a professional sounding album and can’t wait to release it so we can all hear the results.

We’ve got a list of songs we’re going to be working on, some guest artists lined up and possibly a few surprises along the way.

To help us get this done, we’d appreciate your support. We’ve started a Kickstarter to help cover the costs of recording. Please take a look and, if you’re so inclined, support us in this process. We are grateful for any support you are wiling to give.

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  1. We are coming to the show at Thomas Magee’s in Detroit this Friday. Want to catch both shows. What are the stage times? Thanks

    1. Hi Dave – Doors are at 8pm. They haven’t given us specific stage times yet. We’re expecting to go on sometime between 8:30 and 9 and play a 40-45 minute set. That would put Stone Clover on sometime around 10pm.

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